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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pink Panther a girl or a boy?

Comic Strips Conversed in The Family Circus, January 28, 2008: The Pink Panther is a girl. If he was a boy he'd be the Blue Panther. In colored printings of Sherman's Lagoon, Sherman (a male great white shark) is gray — slightly bluish, depending on the inks used — and his wife, Megan, is purplish-gray.

Did the Pink Panther ever speak?

Although as noted above the Pink Panther did speak briefly at the very end of one of the original cartoons, that was an isolated incident during that run. The true JTS moment was when they brought back the character in the early 90s and had him speak in every episode.

Who are the characters in the Pink Panther?

The main character is a clumsy inspector named Jacques Clouseau who is played by Peter Sellers in the official Pink Panther films. Today The Pink Panther is the famous trademark of a huge franchise.

What is the Pink Panther theme song?

The Pink Panther theme song is called exactly that and was composed by Henry Mancini and is what’s called an instrumental composition meaning there are no words only music in this movie theme song.

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