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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is pinkpantheress and how old is she?

Who is she? PinkPantheress is a 20-year-old musician born in Bath in the UK, who's been making music for about four years, according to an interview with i-D. Her mother's Kenyan, and her name comes from a moment spent watching The Chase, after hearing the question, "What is a female panther called?"

Who is pinkpantheress TikTok?

PinkPantheress is a singer-songwriter and musician who became TikTok famous after posting several of her songs to the app in 2021. You might have heard her addictive songs floating around the app and they’ve even been used by TikTok faves such as Lizzo, Charli D'Amelio and Bella Poarch.

Why do people like pinkpantheress so much?

It's introspective and intimate, and while PinkPantheress might be elusive as a musician, it's clear that she's not putting up any walls with her songwriting. She's putting out her innermost emotions and feelings for people to hear, which means that even if you don't know who she is, you can relate to her thoughts and experiences.

What is pinkpantheress'new song'Pain'about?

"Pain" gave PinkPantheress her first Top 40 appearance on the UK singles chart, helped again by its popularity on TikTok. The song finds PinkPantheress struggling to get over an ex-lover. Though they had their differences, it still came to a shock when he broke up with her and she is still feeling the pain.

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