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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your ideal Rad for your bike?

Your ideal bike RAD is determined by your body’s size and proportions, as well as your handlebar width, crank length, pedal thickness, shoe thickness, phase of the moon and, by extension, the grunion run. My book Dialedand site www.llbmtb.comprovide several ways to determine your optimal RAD and calculate your ideal bike setup.

How do I adjust the Rad on my bike?

You can adjust your bike’s RAD in a few ways: Reach. Change the stem length or use a handlebar with different setback. When Specialized sent me a medium 2017 Enduro Öhlins Coil (thank you!), it was 20mm longer than my last medium bike.

Do most riders know their RADS are too short?

Most riders don't know any better. When bike RAD is too short, you reduce torque and increase control (to a point). Some downhill and freestyle riders, who need more range of motion than peak sprint power, have RADs that are “too short.” This is common among tall riders.

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