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Frequently Asked Questions

Is pinkpinkbike going to the kids?

Pinkbike is going to the kids. @mudmandhbrazil: whoa calm down there princess. I respect others' opinions but maybe you should scroll up a little and read that I'm the one whose opinion was attacked in the first place. @jackedwards350: nah I'm happy, I've got the best drivetrain on the market.

When will the Shimano XT and SLX 12-speed groups be available?

The new XT components and will be available to purchase on June 14th, and SLX parts will follow shortly after, which means that Shimano will have three complete 12-speed groups on the market by the middle of July.

Are Shimano XT brakes any good?

Shimano's XT brakes are the workhorse stoppers of their component range, and the newest version offers tons of power and the same firm lever feel that their brakes are known for.

What are Shimano XTR cranksets?

@harrybrottman: Shimano XTR cranksets are two forged aluminum pieces bonded together. The manufacturing process took longer to perfect than anticipated, so Shimano shipped XT crankarms with XTR chainrings while they sorted it out. @ReformedRoadie: Not worried about dirt and scratches.

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