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Did you see BTS at the iHeartRadio live with BTS event?

Before their highly-awaited performance, BTS appeared for the special event, iHeartRadio LIVE with BTS where lucky members from the ARMY got to see their idols live, in Los Angeles, California. The boys were dressed sharply in casuals and were in kindred spirits as they were hounded by loud cheers.

Does BTS'V drop yet another spoiler related to his upcomin?

BTS' V drops yet another spoiler related to his upcomin... BTS becomes the first foreign act to achieve THIS feat on Bi...

Did you know that BTS'Jin released his special song'Moon'?

Today marks 700 days since BTS' worldwide handsome vocalist Jin released his special song 'Moon' as a part of BTS’ 'Map of the Soul: 7'. Since it was released, the meaningful song received a lot of recognition.

Did you see BTS V's'squid game'cosplay?

BTS' V shows off his amazing star power yet again! The 'Squid Game' cosplay done by V has proven to be the standout and most memorable moment from BTS' 2021 'PERMISSION TO DANCE: ON STAGE' concert. One of his several viral 'Squid Game' videos has now surpassed 10. 4 million likes and almost 60 million views.

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