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Frequently Asked Questions

What are pitching techniques?

Here are examples of proper techniques for the various phases of the pitching motion. Examples Of The Cocked Position. Head in the top center of the body, chest thrust out and shoulders pulled back for torque and a full range of motion. Lead elbow-shoulder AND shoulder-throwing elbow level and aligned to the plate.

What is the definition of pitching?

Pitching(noun) the act of throwing or casting; a cast; a pitch; as, wild pitching in baseball. Pitching(noun) the rough paving of a street to a grade with blocks of stone. Pitching(noun) a facing of stone laid upon a bank to prevent wear by tides or currents.

What is pitching stats?

A pitcher's ERA is one of the most fundamental stats used to compare pitchers. ERA is calculated by dividing the pitcher's earned runs allowed by the total number of innings pitched and multiplying that total by 9.

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