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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see the minus sign in latex?

Show activity on this post. The problem is that the character you are using is the Unicode minus sign which is not recognized by LaTeX with your current settings; it is U+2212 MINUS (most probably a result from a copy-paste). Replace the symbols with the LaTeX minus signs and they will show.

How to get the latex plus-minus symbol in Python?

You need to use the \pm command to get the latex plus-minus symbol. And you do not need to pass any argument in this command. So, take a look at this syntax below For example, when you determine the square root of a number, you have to use the plus-minus sign.

What does the plus or minus sign mean in math?

As you said, the plus or minus sign is quite literally called the plus or minus sign. This is in math. It indicates a choice between using the plus sign or the minus sign, with two unique solutions. Like others said, in statistics the sign typically means the confidence interval, or how correct a model is.

How do you add a minus sign to a character?

Mathematically, when a character with a plus-minus sign (±) is multiplied by a minus sign (-), the plus-minus sign before that character becomes a minus-plus sign. In the same way, to get the minus-plus symbol, you need to use the \mp command instead of the \pm command.

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