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Frequently Asked Questions

How many schools did Mother Cabrini establish?

By the time of her death in 1917, Mother Cabrini had established 67 schools, hospitals and orphanages throughout the U.S., South America and Europe, and her order numbered in the thousands. She is the first naturalized US citizen to be declared a saint (July 7, 1946).

Where can I find the PLUSPLUS portal student handbook?

Plus Portal Student Handbook Student Naviance Parish 9000 Laurence Ave, Allen Park, MI 48101 Phone: (313) 381-5601 Fax: (313) 447-1752 Grade School

What is Mother Cabrini the patron saint of?

Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, a co-patron saint of the Italian Catholic Federation, was born in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano in the province of Lombardy, northern Italy, on July 15, 1850. She was a major benefactor for Italian immigrants in the U.S.

When and where is the Mother Cabrini mass?

In keeping with tradition, a special Mass honoring Mother Cabrini along with a Pilgrimage to the Mother Cabrini Shrine are held on the first Sunday in December of each year, featuring a procession to the Shrine which begins at St. Francis Xavier Church.

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