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Frequently Asked Questions

What is plusportal?

PlusPortal is Mount St. Mary Academy’s web-based academic information center. Registered users will be able to access individual progress reports, assignments, and class attendance, as well as an individualized profile of classes, sports, and activities for their student. PlusPortal also includes current school news and calendar information.

How do I sign in to the parent/student PlusPortals?

Use your new or established user name (e-mail used during enrollment) and password to sign in to the Parent/Student PlusPortals. Parents may sign in as their student, or with their parent e-mail and password to view all students within the portal.

When will progress reports be posted in PlusPortals?

Progress Reports in all grades will be posted in PlusPortals after each semester/marking period. For full tutorials on how to use PlusPortals, just click the "Help" button in the upper right corner of the portal window. 6. Download the App

What is NewNew parentplus portal?

NEW ParentPlus Portal allows parents to review their son's schedule, grades, and attendance from any device that has internet access.

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