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Frequently Asked Questions

What colleges are in Poland?

There are lots of universities and colleges to choose from in Warsaw, including Poland’s highest-ranked institution, the University of Warsaw, and Warsaw University of Technology, which also features in the QS World University Rankings.

How long are school days in Poland?

School Holidays Poland. The management of a school or institution is allowed to plan extra days off in a given school year, depending on the type of school: 6 days – for primary schools, vocational schools, post-secondary education and institutions of vocational education and secondary education centers.

What is the education of Poland?

Education in Poland. Compulsory education in Poland starts at the age of six from the mandatory "0" reception class (Polish zerówka or klasa 0, literally Year 0). At the age of seven kids start the 1st grade of primary school (Polish szkoła podstawowa) lasting for 8 (6 until 2017) years and finished with an exam.

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