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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find news about Poland?

Visit RT to read news about an investigation into the demolition of a Soviet cemetery in Poland. Get the news about the Auschwitz Memorial critique of Amazon series ‘Hunters’. Turn to RT for updates on relations between Poland and other EU states as well as Russia and the US.

What's happening at the Polish-Belarus border?

The BBC's Steve Rosenberg reports from a border crossing where Polish troops are blocking hundreds of migrants. Steve Rosenberg reports from the migrant camps within touching distance of the EU. Russia's leader says Belarus should not cut gas supplies to Europe over the migrant row with Poland.

Should Poland's President extend his term to deal with coronavirus crisis?

Poland’s deputy PM Jaroslaw Gowin has suggested extending current President Andrzej Duda’s term to deal with the coronavirus crisis — not for weeks or months, but for a whole two years.

Will Poland force discovery to sell TVN?

Poland abruptly pushed through the bill forcing Discovery, Inc. to sell TVN, setting itself on the collision course… Wyborcza 15:10 17-Dec-21 Looking for a good read? Check out these 9 nonfiction books with Berkeley connections Berkeleyside 13:19 17-Dec-21 Do You See What I See? American Purpose 13:15 17-Dec-21

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