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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best treatments for Poland syndrome?

Reconstructive (plastic) surgery is the most viable treatment option for Poland syndrome. It involves using existing chest wall muscles (or other muscles throughout the body as needed) to fill in missing portions. Surgery can also be used for grafting ribs to move them in the right spot.

What are the symptoms of Poland syndrome?

Description. Many people with Poland syndrome have hand abnormalities on the affected side, commonly including an underdeveloped hand with abnormally short fingers (brachydactyly); small, underdeveloped (vestigial) fingers; and some fingers that are fused together (syndactyly). This combination of hand abnormalities is called symbrachydactyly.

What does Poland syndrome mean?

Poland syndrome is a condition that causes a lack of muscle development on one side of the body . It's primarily characterized by the lack of chest wall muscles, as well as webbed fingers on the same side of the body. Poland syndrome is named after British surgeon Sir Alfred Poland, who presented the first account of the condition.

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