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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Polandball?

The character of Poland, represented as a ball coloured like an upside-down Polish flag Polandball, commonly known as Countryballs, is an art style occasionally used in online comics, in which countries are typically personified as spherical characters decorated with their country's flag.

What is polpolandball?

Polandball is deemed the un holy-most countryball ever to exist. Polandball is divided into 16 voivodeshipballs, including its capital Warsawball, giving it a total area of 312,696 square kilometres, making him the 69th nice largest countryball in the world.

What is the Polish commonwealthball?

When in 1569 Polandball finally reached a personal union with the Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball since a century of tentatives, a new countryball born: the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball became the most powerful and biggest East European countryball.

What is the population of Polandball?

As of 2019, it has a total population of 38,383,000 inhabitants. Polandball also always gets the last laugh because anyone who annexes Polandball, falls apart (Happened to USSRball, Russian Empireball, Nazi Germanyball, Austrian Empireball and German Empireball.)

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