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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 5 interesting facts about polar bears?

Here are five interesting facts about them: Polar bears are the largest living land carnivore, with adult males growing up to 2.6 metres in length. They mainly eat seals and sometimes, walruses. They have an excellent sense of smell. Despite their appearance, the skin of a polar bear is actually black and their fur is see through.

Why do polar bears have white fur?

Polar bears have white fur because it serves as camouflage in the Arctic snow, allowing them to blend into the environment and hunt. Polar bears, having evolved from grizzly bears thousands of years ago, also changed in other ways to survive in their habitat.

What are polar bears traits?

The polar bear hair is divided into two classes—external guard hairs and an insulating underfur. The guard hairs are little silky, transparent and hollow. Bears have 10,000 hairs per square inch. Another trait is that polar bear hairs are water resistant so that water doesn’t stick to the coat.

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