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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a 2022 Polaris RZR 200?

For 11 years, parents have been modifying RZR 170s for racing; with the 2022 RZR 200, Polaris has done many upgrades at the factory. Since 2010, many an off-road prodigy has started out in Polaris RZR 170s, and they’ll be continuing legacies through the Pro ranks.

What makes the RZR 200 Efi so special?

The RZR 200 EFI comes standard with hard doors to ensure your kids are having the time of their lives, while making sure they stay in, and everything else out. LED Headlights and Taillights give riders higher visibility, keeping them more aware of trail conditions and ensuring that others will see the vehicle coming.

Is the Polaris RZR 200 pro XP DNA better than the 170?

Now Polaris has improved on 11 years of the RZR 170 with the all-new 2022 RZR 200 that carries Pro XP DNA. While the entry-level RZR has more safety features than ever, it’s also engineered to win races and groom future champions on tracks around the country and world. Here are ten things about the RZR 200 every parent and racer will need to know.

How much horsepower does a RZR 200 have?

Horsepower is 11.1 and torque is 9.7 ft-lbs. The RZR 200 has a Donaldson-style air box with much-larger pleated paper filter like full-sized RZRs, and the engine sits further back in the frame than the 170. It has two venting ducts for the large cover over the CVT clutch, too.

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