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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Polaris razor?

A Polaris Razor is an adult all-terrain vehicle that is used for racing, pleasure riding and working. This type of ATV is sold with a title and makes financing one much like an automobile. Loans for personal property require collateral, which in this case is the Polaris Razor.

What is a Polaris truck?

The Polaris/Eicher Motors Multix Mini Truck is purpose built for consumers in India that need utility at a remarkably low price ($3,638). People in the North American truck market tend to take small, tiny pickup trucks for granted.

What is a razor four wheeler?

The Razor Dirt Quad is the ultimate four-wheeler for kids. Designed for children 8 years and older, this miniature ATV proves to be a thrilling ride. With carrying ability of up to 120 pounds, it is a joy for parents and kids alike.

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