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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you see from the Portsmouth Harbour webcam?

Outside of those times it will settle on views of Portsmouth ferries. The bow of HMS Warrior: The view allows you to see, in real time, the restoration work that is taking place on HMS Warrior as the webcam looks down on the action. The harbour entrance: Watch one of the Solent's busiest harbour entrances as the traffic enters Portsmouth Harbour.

What is the warrior webcam at Portsmouth Naval Base?

After a short hiatus, the Warrior webcam makes a welcome return as you spy Royal Navy ships across the Camber and inside Portsmouth Naval Base. The Warrior camera pans between 7am and 5pm daily in all weathers taking in the surrounding area in high fidelity.

What's it like to live in Portsmouth during the day?

Portsmouth's main transport hub remains busy throughout the day as the Warrior webcam looks on. See people come and go outside of Portsmouth Harbour Station. The area is used by a variety of ferry companies who call the area their home.

Where is the live cam from the HMS Warrior 1860?

Also, this HD live cam is streaming from aboard the HMS Warrior 1860. Portsmouth has been one of the main homes of the British Royal Navy since 1194. Furthermore, from this view you are able to monitor solent ships.

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