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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Prime really worth the cost of membership?

An Amazon Prime membership delivers a lot of value. If you replaced Netflix ($12.99/mo), Spotify ($9.99/mo) and Dropbox ($9.99) with the services that Amazon prime offers with a membership, you would save $276 per year even before the free shipping. Your membership fee will be well worth the $119 a month cost and would more than pay for itself.

Is Amazon Prime worth the higher cost?

Amazon Prime is worth it for over 100 million members worldwide. Amazon Prime has over 100 million members globally, according to Jeff Bezos. In April, Amazon increased the price of its Amazon Prime membership to $119. Paying for a membership allows you to shop online quickly with free delivery.

What is the monthly price of Amazon Prime?

The price of an Amazon Prime membership was raised Thursday, but only half as much as the online retailer had said it was considering a month ago. Amazon () announced the annual membership will now cost $99 a year, up from $79. A student membership will cost $49 annually.

How much does Amazon Prime now cost?

The cost of Amazon Prime is going up. The retail giant has announced that its membership program—which gives users free two-day shipping on most popular items as well as access to Amazon’s digital library of e-books, movies, and TV shows—will now cost $99 per year, up from $79.

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