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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in promisespromises?

Promises! (presented as Promises... Promises! on screen) is a 1963 American sex comedy film directed by King Donovan and starring Tommy Noonan and Jayne Mansfield, the former of whom also produced the film.

Is Promises Promises A rated film?

Promises! on screen) is a 1963 unrated sex comedy film produced by Tommy Noonan, released toward the end of the Hays code and before the MPAA film rating system became effective.

Is Promises.... Promises (1963) the worst movie ever made?

Promises.... Promises! (1963) There's no question that the story, acting, directing and production is one of the worst ever made but are you really coming to this film for any of that? PROMISES....PROMISES! is a landmark movie because it was the first one in history to feature a major Hollywood star nude.

Where was Prom promises banned?

Promises! was banned in Cleveland and several other cities, though later the Cleveland court decided the nude scenes in the film were not lewd after all. Both the original and an edited version enjoyed box office success in places where it was not banned, except for California.

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