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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online banking in QuickBooks?

Online Banking is one of QuickBooks Online’s most helpful and time-saving features. When you electronically connect a bank account to QuickBooks Online, the application automatically downloads and categorizes bank transactions for you.

What is bank feeds in QuickBooks?

One of QuickBooks’ most efficient features is online banking, also known as “bank feeds”. This special feature can help save you a lot of time and effort. Connect your bank, credit cards, and other financial accounts to your QuickBooks Online account hassle-free without any data entry required.

Can I download my banking transactions into QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Online allows you to download your banking transactions into QuickBooks. This will allow you to avoid the manual input of each transaction.

How do I connect my bank account to QuickBooks Online?

If ever you should need to reconnect QuickBooks online to your bank account, follow these instructions: Find “Banking”, and then select “Banking” at the top. Click on “Add Account”, and then enter the name of the bank. If you will be using the same login credentials, then select the bank with “existing connection”.

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