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Frequently Asked Questions

How many daily users does rantingly have?

As of right now Rantingly has about 16,000 daily users that come to the site multiple times a day. August was our best traffic month ever with 1,667,766 pageviews. I haven’t spent a single dollar marketing this site, so all of our growth has been completely organic. So thank you to everyone spreading the word about the site.

What is rantingly and Lucianne?

The “About” section notes that “Rantingly is a one-man operation news aggregator founded in August 2017.” Lucianne works differently in that all of the articles posted are curated by users rather than editors. The site is of a size that there is a constant turnover of fresh articles and comments on each of them.

Did you know rantingly is a one-man show?

Not many of you know this, but Rantingly is a one-man show started by me in August 2017, and yesterday was the official 2-year anniversary of the site. I’m always humbled when I receive messages in my inbox that say things like, “you guys are doing a great job” or “tell your staff to get a dictionary”.

How can I support rantingly?

Two years later Rantingly has about 3,000 daily users and we’re growing steadily every month… The best way to keep Rantingly going TODAY is to make a donation by clicking the DONATE button above… The best way to keep Rantingly going in the FUTURE is to spread the word about Rantingly on social media…

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