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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of rantipole?

Rantipole - definition of rantipole by The Free Dictionary Define rantipole. rantipole synonyms, rantipole pronunciation, rantipole translation, English dictionary definition of rantipole. adj wild, reckless, boisterous n a rantipole person vb to be wild, reckless, or boisterous, to behave like a rantipole Collins English Dictionary – Complete...

What happens to a young rantipole in the cage?

A young Rantipole, as soon as let out of the Cage, most commonly enters the Order, and opens her first Scene of Life with the Choice of a Gallant, whom she reizes egregiously for a Number of Years, and then marries and torments him without Mercy.

What is Ranty?

An unruly, rude young person. A rakish person. Etymology: [Ranty + pole, poll, head.] Etymology: [Ranty + pole, poll, head.] Etymology: [Ranty + pole, poll, head.]

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