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Frequently Asked Questions

Are clarifion air purifiers any good?

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints The Clarifion Air Ionizer has fairly positive reviews for on Amazon but there are some negative reviews on other websites regarding the time it takes for the product to ship. The AerClear Purifier has even better reviews on Amazon with a 4.5/5 rating, though there are few reviews which makes them less reliable.

What do customers say about clarifion?

Analysis of Customer Reviews. There are currently 42 reviews for Clarifion on Amazon, averaging four stars. Here’s what customers were saying most often about this product. Compliments: Helped remove stuffiness in rooms; Great for allergy sufferers; Takes pet odor out of the air; Complaints: Light is too bright for night use in bedrooms

How much does clarifion cost?

Clarifion on its official website has stated following prices of its device which are along with shipment because it is free for all type of purchases: One Clarifion: $39.97 Three Clarifion: $95.91 Six Clarifion: $149.82

Is clarifion safe to use around the House?

It can be concluded that, Clarifion is a product which should be used by the people who have allergies and other problems related to these. But it shouldn’t be used in the rooms which are not well ventilated because it can be highly toxic for the people in the room. It is highly recommended to use this near windows and doors.

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