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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a publishing page?

About Page Publishing. Page Publishing, found online at, is a company that says they can help authors transform their book from a rough draft to published hardcopy or eBook with professional help every step of the way. Interested writers can submit their manuscript directly to them for review.

How do publishing companies market books?

What kind of "marketing" do publishers DO? Prepare promotional materials Trade advertising - print & retail Internet marketing Internet Advertising Specialized promotions (specific to type of book) Trade publicity Consumer publicity. Don't forget the sales team! Most publishers have a sales team (or rep group) who proactively sells titles to retailers.

What is a book publishing company?

A publishing company is any company that will publish your work. Books have been the mainstay in the past. Manuals, textbooks, industry publications. Really book publishing companies have published it all, but with the advent of the world wide web, ultra-cheap publishing technology and ebooks,...

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