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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes ripple marks on rocks?

Ripple marks are caused by water flowing over loose sediment which creates bed forms by moving sediment with the flow. Bed forms are linked to flow velocity and sediment size, whereas ripples are characteristic of shallow water deposition and can also be caused by wind blowing over the surface.

What are the characteristics of a ripple Mark?

Ripples climb when sediment fluxes in the flow are very high. Current ripple marks, unidirectional ripples, or asymmetrical ripple marks are asymmetrical in profile, with a gentle up-current slope and a steeper down-current slope. The down-current slope is the angle of repose, which depends on the shape of the sediment.

What do asymmetric ripples in sedimentary rocks indicate?

Ripples are commonly preserved in sedimentary rocks and asymmetric ripples indicate flow direction, with the steep slope on the downcurrent direction.

What is an ripple in geology?

Ripple marks formed by aeolian processes. These occur in the upper part of the lower flow regime where sand with bimodal particle size distribution forms unusually long wavelength of 1-25 m where the wind is not strong enough to move the larger particles but strong enough to move the smaller grains by saltation.

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