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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RTA stand for in transportation?

RTA stands for Regional Transportation Alignment (merchandising)

What is the meaning of RTA?

RTA (recovery time actual) is the amount of real-world time it takes for an organization to recover its systems and business processes following an unplanned disruption; that amount of time can differ significantly from the recovery time objective (RTO), although ideally it should be the same or better.

What is RTA excise tax Washington State?

Businesses report RTA retail sales taxes collected from consumers to the Department of Revenue on the excise tax return. Businesses report RTA use taxes on the excise tax return when Washington sales tax was not previously paid on a taxable item and the business puts the item to first use within the RTA boundaries.

What is a RTA mic?

RTA microphones are typically omnidirectional measurement microphones that usually come with a calibration curve so users can subtract microphone errors for critical measurements. It's really just a precision flat response microphone suitable for test and measurement purposes, of which a real time analyzer is one application.

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