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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SDDS stand for?

The Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) was established in 1996 to guide members that have, or might seek, access to international capital markets in providing their economic and financial data to the public.

Why choose SDDS dental?

SDDS Dental offers patients a comfortable environment to complete dental treatment. In stark contrast to clinics and large practices, SDDS Dental offers a boutique, one-on-one dental practice where you work with Dr. Safaei on your treatment. Don’t be rushed and pressured. Stay relaxed and in control with Dr. Safaei and SDDS Dental.

What is SDDS subscription?

SDDS subscription indicates that a country meets the test of “good statistical citizenship.” The SDDS Guide for Subscribers and Users contains details on commitments undertaken by a subscriber, and is available on the DSBB.

What happened to SDDS tracks?

A few titles released under the Kidtoon Films program used SDDS tracks. As Dolby Digital (and to a lesser degree, DTS) began to emerge as the clear winner in the digital sound battle, Sony Cinema Products quit manufacturing SDDS encoders and decoders, although it will continue supporting equipment that is still deployed in the field.

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