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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sevin kill blister beetles?

Sevin concentrate is labeled for and will kill Blister Beetles. Be sure to review the product label prior to application.

Is Sevin Dust bad for bees?

Sevin dust is highly toxic to honey bees. Sevin dust is one of the most toxic insecticides to the honey bee. Sevin does not kill on contact. The bees come in contact with the Sevin dust and return to the hive exposing the hive to the toxins. When using pesticides always consider the adverse effects of your actions.

Does pesticide kill bees?

Contact pesticides are usually sprayed on plants and can kill bees when they crawl over sprayed surfaces of plants or other areas around it. Systemic pesticides, on the other hand, are usually incorporated into the soil or onto seeds and move up into the stem, leaves, nectar, and pollen of plants.

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