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Frequently Asked Questions

What is storystory marketing and how does it work?

Story marketing is a strategic marketing approach that creates a brand experience through audio, visual and immersive storytelling whereby the customer becomes the center of the story to drive profitable engagement.

What is storytelling marketing?

What is storytelling marketing? Storytelling marketing allows you to present your brand narrative in story form — allowing you to resonate with customers. Putting your brand narrative into story form is a great way to boost engagement with your brand, encourage people to learn more, and ultimately buy your products or services.

What are the world’s biggest brands doing with storytelling?

The world’s biggest brands understand the power of storytelling in marketing – here’s a round up of some of the best storytelling marketing examples over the last 18 months, from the likes of Coca-Cola, Guinness and Apple. Disney is, of course, no stranger to storytelling, and this ad for Disneyland Paris shows off the brand’s skills.

Are short stories still relevant in the publishing world?

In the past, short stories frequently got short shrift in the publishing world. Many writers once thought that success meant a blockbuster novel contract or publication in The New Yorker. But times have changed. These days, more and more agents and editors are perusing a variety of journals and magazines for short fiction to find promising writers.

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