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Frequently Asked Questions

How does sitestar plan to support the OneWest customers?

Sitestar plans to support the customers by purchasing network services from Contact Communications and by utilizing its own customer provisioning and billing platform and existing call center personnel to maximize profit margins.

How do I contact sitestar customer support?

Email us at [email protected] from the contact email we have for you on file and we’ll help you get set-up. Please login to account maintenance to verify that your mailing address and email address are correct and up-to-date to make sure you receive your bills in a timely fashion, thank you.

What is OneWest net?

As one of the largest privately-held ISPs in the region, provides dial-up and broadband Internet access and email services, web hosting and domain name registration to both consumers and businesses across Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

Where do I Mail my Check to sitestar?

If you would like to continue to pay with check please make sure your checks are made out to Sitestar and mailed to us at 4026 Wards Rd Unit G-1 #271, Lynchburg, VA 24502. Please include your account number on your check for faster processing and accurate account posting. Larger Mailbox Sizes.

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