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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact sitestar?

Sitestar’s website is and their contact info is on the “Contact Us” link under the “About Us” tab. As we will no longer have access to the domain after the cutover, if you still need to contact us, please use the email address: [email protected]

Where is the sitestar Net server located?

• has servers located in Louisville, CO, 80027, United States. About - Edit Site Info What technologies does use?

How much is sitestar net worth?

How much is worth? Website Value: $4,404.99 + Ad Experience Report Summary of the ad experience rating of a site for a specific platform. Desktop summary Root domain: Region: (The Ad Standard region to which this site has been assigned.) Pending Ad filtering: (Chrome is not filtering ads on your site.) Off Status:

Does sitestar offer standalone pricing for mailboxes?

Yes, Sitestar offers standalone pricing for mailboxes ranging from 250 MB up to 20 GB. What is the Archive option? Some of our mailbox offerings include a server side archive, or backup.

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