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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of solder should I use for copper pipe?

The best solder to use for tinning stranded copper wire is electrical-grade rosin-core solder. This is an acid-free solder that contains a flux in the core of the solder. Never use solder that contains acid, which can damage the wire or its insulation.

What kind of solder do you use for copper pipe?

The propane torch is the primary tool used to solder copper fittings (soldering copper pipe is also referred to as "sweating copper pipe"). Shown here is a typical torch that has just been lit with the pictured flint torch lighter (using this type of inexpensive lighter is safer and easier than using a match or butane lighter).

Why is copper good metal to use for water pipes?

Some interesting answers. Copper is usually used to replace iron piping primarily because of the corrosion that occurs in iron pipe over time. While copper does corrode, especially when galvanic action between dissimilar metals occurs upon the direct connection of copper and iron water pipes.

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