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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to call someone?

"call on someone" in American English. call on someone. — phrasal verb with call us ​ /kɔl/ verb. › to ask someone to do something: She called on Americans to be more tolerant of each other. › To call on someone in a group is to ask that person to speak: The teacher called on me, and I didn’t know the answer.

What is the definition of someone?

Someone is defined as an unnamed person, or refers to a person of authority or importance. If you want a person to bring you a cookie but you do not care at all who brings you the cookie, this is an example of when you want someone to bring you a cookie.

What does the word person mean?

1. Person, individual, personage are terms applied to human beings. Person is the most general and common word: the average person. Individual views a person as standing alone or as a single member of a group: the characteristics of the individual; its implication is sometimes derogatory: a disagreeable individual.

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