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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spell station?

The Correct spelling is: station. Common misspellings of the word station are: staion. station in french. station in spanish. station in german. station in italian.

What is the definition of station?

Use station in a sentence. noun. The definition of station is a place where a particular event occurs or is headquartered, or a company involved in broadcasting. The stopping place for trains is an example of a train station.

How to find radio stations near you?

If your smart phone or web browser has the capability, you can click the geo-locator button at the upper left of the page to find radio stations near your current location. You can expand or narrow your search by clicking "city search" from the menu at the top-right of the page. You can choose which types of stations to search for and you can choose to find close stations, distant stations, or very distant (fringe) stations.

How do I listen to live radio stations?

You usually have to navigate through some advertising on commercial radio in order to listen live. Some stations force you to watch a short 10- or 15-second commercial before you can connect. Others show commercials continually on the screen while you listen.

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