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Frequently Asked Questions

Is StockX publicly traded?

StockX is currently not a publicly traded company. However, as per the latest funding round, it might be on the way to becoming one soon. According to Crunchbase, StockX has raised $435 million in seven rounds of funding. In its latest round of funding in mid-December 2020, the company raised $275 million in Series E funding led by Tiger Global.

Does StockX have gift cards?

Buyers can pay with all major credit cards or PayPal. We do not accept prepaid credit cards, or, gift cards. All sensitive information is stored with our payment processing company, Braintree, and NOT with StockX. Braintree is owned by PayPal.

What is the stock market symbol?

This is its stock market symbol, or ticker symbol. It serves as a universal identifier as well as a convenient shorthand for noting price movements and transactions. A stock market symbol can be thought of as the equivalent of an element's symbol on the periodic table.

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