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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can Sunsun tours take you?

Sun Tours offers daily Blackfeet interpretive tours through Glacier National Park on Going-to-the-Sun Road and throughout Blackfeet Country

Where can you travel with Sundance Vacations?

Click here to find out more! Travel with Sundance Vacations to the Jersey Shore and enjoy a boardwalk full of fun! Travel with Sundance Vacations to Hilton Head, and enjoy 20 championship golf courses! Visit "Sin City " with Sundance Vacations! Visit the most "magical" place on earth with Sundance Vacations!

Why choose Sun Tours?

As you pass by beautiful sights and incredible views, enjoy an interpretation from one of our guides that specialize in local Blackfeet culture, history, family, and modern-day lifestyle. Sun Tours is independently owned and operated by Ed & Toni DesRosier (a Blackfeet Chartered Tribal Business).

Why book a luxury vacation?

Experience a vacation of a lifetime with cityscapes and countryside’s that will take your breath away. Indulge in gourmet meals and luxurious accommodations. Filled with a spectacular array of diverse and exotic destinations, your world awaits your discovery.

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