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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tesla leasing a good deal?

A typical 140k tesla lease without subsidies will lease for at least 500 to 600 bucks more a month. As far as leases go this is a very VERY good deal. this keeps coming back up but any lease vs loan, you have to also factor in interest rates.

Does Tesla let you pay off your lease in full?

Tesla will calculate and compare the payoff amount, early termination penalty (if applicable) and will add whichever is lower to the new Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement. You will not need to pay off lease or loan in full prior to trading in that vehicle.

Can you purchase Tesla after lease?

With the Tesla plan, you cannot purchase the Models 3 and Y after the lease is up. Tesla will “recycle” these cars for a future autonomous ride-hailing service. Although it may seem like a bummer to have to give up your Tesla after a few years of ownership, it still provides you with the Tesla experience.

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