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What did people do in the 90s for entertainment?

Movies ran on VHS or in Multiplex theaters with digital sound systems. DVD emerged at the end of the decade, but was in its infancy and ridiculously expensive. Music came on CDs or cassette tapes in the very early '90s, to a more CD dominated culture until the invention of Napster.

What happened in the 1990s in the world?

Yugoslavia, Somalia, and Rwanda exploded into savage sectarian genocide, while Liberia and Sierra Leone faced deadly civil wars that were frustratingly difficult for other nations to stop, provided that they even cared. Radicals revolted against corporations in Seattle at the beginning and end of the decade.

Are there any Star Wars toys from the 80s or 90s?

Sometimes items from The '80s appear in scenes. Examples include the Super Speak and Spell and the Intellivision II. Whenever Eric's Star Wars toys were shown, they were rarely the original ones from the Seventies, but rather the contemporary ones from The '90s and the Turn of the Millennium.

What are some TV shows that are about 10 years old?

This show is about a 10 year-old boy who is trying to deal with the problems of pre-adolescence in his neighborhood in lower Manhattan. 47. The Wayans Bros. (1995–1999) Error: please try again. The wacky escapades of brothers Shawn and Marlon Williams, along with their wise but eccentric father. 48. The Steve Harvey Show (1996–2002)

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