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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an apartment in Paris a good book?

A book of maturity and audacity. A fast paced-intrigue that keeps you turning the pages until the end. An Apartment in Paris definitely deserves its thriller status and, in passing, unveils a new nuance in his imaginary world. (…) Like a painting, a novel is made up of layers.

Where is the Paris apartment located?

The Paris Apartment reads like a modern day Agatha Christie, a suspense filled whodunnit narrated by an untrustworthy bunch of characters.Welcome to 12 Rue des Amants, central Paris. A beautiful, ancient apartment block, steeped in history and mystery.

What kind of properties do we offer in Paris?

From furnished, stylish studios and two- and three-bedroom flats and apartments, to homes large enough to accommodate a growing family, we are experts at connecting visitors looking for the ideal Paris rental with owners wanting to let their properties.

Is ‘the Paris apartment’ by Lucy Foley a good read?

Lucy Foley has a well-deserved reputation for her twisty plots and morally compromised characters and in ‘The Paris Apartment’ she makes use of both. Jess, from whose point of view we are given most of the story, runs away to Paris where her half-brother, Ben, has use of an apartment.

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