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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this "TinyURL" thing work?

Technical answer. A user generates a tinyurl by entering into a tinyurl website or via API. Tiny url uses a hashing algorithm to convert the long url into a hash key. This hashkey is stored as a lookup key that returns the long url. The hashkey can be stored in a highly indexed fashion to speed retrieval.

Where can I Find my url?

After searching for a site, you can find its URL by clicking the link and then checking your Web browser's address bar. Most search engines also show each site's URL beneath its link, but the URL may be cut off on longer addresses.

What is the shortest url?

The Shortest URL Shorteners. Basically, the shortest domain name possible is one that is made up of 3 letters and a dot; the first character could be a letter, number, or a Unicode character followed by the dot and the 2 letters of ccTLD ( country code top-level domain ).

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