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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix printer paper jam?

How to fix a printer paper jam in your inkjet printer. If a paper jam as been unavoidable, follow this procedure to try and un-jam it: Switch your printer off at the power socket and unplug from the wall. Remove the rest of the paper from the paper tray. Open up the printer flaps to see where the paper has become jammed.

What causes paper jams in laser printers?

A paper jam occurs if a sheet of paper gets caught in, or refuses to pass through, the printer mechanism. A paper jam may be caused by paper which is too heavy or too light for the printer, or by damp paper, however many paper jams happen for no apparent reason when using the correct paper.

How do you fix a paper jam?

Check the paper tray. The paper tray is one of the most likely spots to get a paper jam. If you notice any loose paper in the paper tray, remove it. If any paper got stuck while feeding from the tray into the printer, gently pull it back out of the printer to remove it.

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