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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the letting and bidding process for TxDOT?

Letting and Bid Information. Before a project can be bid on by a business, TxDOT must let it, or make it available for bidding. The letting and bidding process with TxDOT allows the Agency to get the most competitive pricing on a project and allows multiple businesses to compete for business with TxDOT.

How do I contact TxDOT for construction bids?

If so, a note will be posted on TxDOT’s FTP site for the specific project along with the link and call-in information. Use this information to listen to or view the reading and openings of the bids. For the statewide letting, contact the Construction Division at (512) 416-2500.

What is TxDOT’s letting program in Austin?

TxDOT conducts its statewide low-bid construction and maintenance contract letting in Austin on two consecutive days each month. The letting schedule is available for the current and following fiscal year. A LIVE VIDEO STREAM IS AVAILABLE FOR EACH MONTHLY STATEWIDE LETTING.

What are the benefits of TxDOT external?

External customers can access TxDOT’s FTP site only to download PDF files. Reduces file download time. Eliminates web browser compatibility issues. Provides a single source of information. Contact us with questions or comments about accessing letting information and plans online.

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