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Frequently Asked Questions

What is traditional universities offer online PhD programs?

Traditional universities offer accredited online PhD programs ranging from healthcare to education to business to computer science. In virtually all cases, the academic requirements and length of PhD programs online are no different than the on-campus versions.

Is University of Louisville a private school?

Per the University's website, it is a public university, not private. The University of Louisville is a state supported research university located in Kentucky's largest metropolitan area. It was a municipally supported public institution for many decades prior to joining the university system in 1970.

What universities offer a PsyD program?

Hofstra University offers a Psy.D. in School-Community Psychology. On the Long Island campus of Hofstra University, students can earn a Psy.D. in School-Community Psychology, which trains students to work as psychologists in educational settings or human services organizations.

What are the prerequisites for Ph.D pprograms?

An M.S. degree is not a prerequisite for entering the Ph.D. program. Applicants will need to have completed coursework in chemistry, physics, math, biochemistry and biology, and engineering. Students without an undergraduate engineering degree should have excellent training in mathematics and the physical sciences.

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