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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Viking river cruise cost?

Grand Circle Cruise Line - Europe - $995 for 7 nights in France focused on Christmas markets. Viking River Cruises – Europe, Russia & Ukraine, China, Southeast Asia – $1,356 for 7 nights in France; $1,756 for 7 nights from Budapest to Nuremberg.

What are the names of Viking Cruise ships?

Viking Cruises Christens 12 New River Vessels; Reveals Plans to Build Six More. However, in keeping with Viking's usual custom, all the new ships continue to bear the name of Norwegian gods: Viking Astrild, Beyla, Eir, Gefjon, Lofn, Mani, Mimir, Modi, Skirnir, Ve, Vidar and Vili.

What is a Viking Cruise?

Viking Cruises is a cruise line providing river and ocean cruises, with operations based in Basel, Switzerland.

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