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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some famous Viking names?

The three famous Viking leaders in history are Ragnar Lodbrok, Erik Thorvaldsson, also known as "Erik the Red," and Leif Eriksson.

What are some beautiful unique girl names?

100 A-Z Unique (But Beautiful) Girl Names Adelaide: A Germanic name that means noble and kind. Alexandria: In ancient times, Alexandria was the location of the world's best library. Amalia: Originally came from the German word "amala" or "work". Annika: A Swedish nickname for girls that are named Anna. Aria: In Italian, an aria is a melody or song. ... More items...

What are the most common female names?

According to the Social Security applications in 2004, the most common female name for babies was Emily, followed by Emma, Madison, Olivia,and Hannah.

What were the names of the Vikings?

The Vikings were known as Ascomanni ("ashmen") by the Germans for the ash wood of their boats, Dubgail and Finngail ( "dark and fair foreigners") by the Irish, Lochlannach ("lake person") by the Gaels and Dene (Dane) by the Anglo-Saxons.

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