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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Odin get his name?

As mentioned above, Odin's name can be translated as "Master of Ecstasy." His Old Norse name, Óðinn, is formed from two parts: first, the noun óðr, "ecstasy, fury, inspiration," and the suffix -inn, the masculine definite article, which, when added to the end of another word like this, means something like "the master of" or "a perfect example of."

Did Odin have any daughters?

Very few sources mention any daughters for Odin, but his sons made up the majority of the pantheon, along with their wives. For this reason, Odin was known as the All Father. Odin was also the one to give life to mankind, and in a way, this made him the father of all sapient life on earth.

Who were the sons of Odin in Norse mythology?

Who Were the Sons of Odin in Norse Mythology? The Allfather Thor. Odin's most famous son is the thunder god, Thor. ... The Mighty Thor. Baldur with his wife Nanna visited by Hermond. ... Hermond and Bragi. Hermond the swift is also another child of Odin and he is the god responsible for sending messages between the nine realms. Other Hubs by the Same Author. ... Have your say.. ...

What is another name for Odin?

The mead’s Old Norse name is Óðrœrir, “The Stirrer of Óðr,” and, as we have seen, óðr (“ecstasy, fury, inspiration”) is the root of Odin’s name as well. This intoxicating drink, along with the power it grants, is yet another manifestation of his overflowing ecstasy.

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