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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the names of Viking Cruise ships?

Viking Cruises Christens 12 New River Vessels; Reveals Plans to Build Six More. However, in keeping with Viking's usual custom, all the new ships continue to bear the name of Norwegian gods: Viking Astrild, Beyla, Eir, Gefjon, Lofn, Mani, Mimir, Modi, Skirnir, Ve, Vidar and Vili.

Who owns the Viking Cruise Lines?

Ocean cruises. Viking Cruise Line debuted their newest ocean ship, Viking Orion, in Livorno, Italy in June 2018. It holds 930 passengers, and the ship's godmother is former NASA astronaut Anna Fisher. The ship's name is partially inspired by the Orion space exploration vehicle and the ship has its own onboard planetarium.

Where are Viking Cruises headquarters?

Viking Cruises is a privately owned company which specializes in river and ocean cruises. It was founded by Torstein Hagen in 1997. The company headquarters is based in Switzerland. There are also offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

Where is the Viking River?

The term Viking commonly denotes the ship-born warriors and traders of Norsemen (literally, men from the north) who originated in Scandinavia and raided the coasts of Britain, Ireland and mainland Europe as far east as the Volga River in Russia from the late 8th–11th century.

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