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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Viking river cruise cost?

Grand Circle Cruise Line - Europe - $995 for 7 nights in France focused on Christmas markets. Viking River Cruises – Europe, Russia & Ukraine, China, Southeast Asia – $1,356 for 7 nights in France; $1,756 for 7 nights from Budapest to Nuremberg.

Where is the Viking River?

The term Viking commonly denotes the ship-born warriors and traders of Norsemen (literally, men from the north) who originated in Scandinavia and raided the coasts of Britain, Ireland and mainland Europe as far east as the Volga River in Russia from the late 8th–11th century.

What is the Viking River?

Established in 1997, Viking Cruises is the world's largest river cruise line, with some 60 river ships sailing the waterways of Europe, Russia and the Ukraine, Egypt, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Viking has also unveiled plans for a new ocean-going cruise arm.

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