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Frequently Asked Questions

Did the Vikings make the playoffs in 2000?

2000 Minnesota Vikings season. The 2000 season was the Minnesota Vikings' 40th in the National Football League. They won the NFC Central division title with an 11–5 record and beat the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round of the playoffs before losing 41–0 to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship Game.

What happened to the Minnesota Vikings in 2004?

After easily beating the Saints in the Divisional game 34–16, they were defeated 41–0 by the New York Giants in the Conference Championship, and to top that, Robert Smith retired at the end of the year, after only playing eight NFL seasons. It would be 2004 before the Vikings returned to the playoffs.

Do the Vikings ever go to the playoffs again?

The Vikings started out 7–0 and were 11–2 after 14 weeks, but slumped briefly, losing their last three to the Rams, Packers and Colts while Culpepper was hampered by injury. Despite the rough patch, the Vikings would return to the playoffs again for the fifth straight year.

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