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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of car is wagon?

A station wagon, also called an estate car, estate wagon, or simply wagon or estate, is an automotive body-style variant of a sedan/saloon with its roof extended rearward over a shared passenger/cargo volume with access at the back via a third or fifth door (the liftgate or tailgate), instead of a trunk/boot lid.

What is a synonym for wagon?

wagon, waggon(noun) any of various kinds of wheeled vehicles drawn by an animal or a tractor. Synonyms: patrol wagon, estate car, station wagon, paddy wagon, station waggon, beach wagon, beach waggon, coaster wagon, waggon, police wagon, police van, black Maria.

What are the parts of a wagon wheel?

A wagon wheel is made entirely of wood. Its components consist of a rim, 11 spokes, and a hub. The rim has mass 4.6 kg, outer radius 0.90 m, and inner radius 0.86 m. The hub is a solid cylinder with mass 3.0 kg and radius 0.12 m. The spokes are thin rods of mass 1.1 kg that extend from the hub to the inner side of the rim.

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